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Yellow Ribbon Companies

What is a Yellow Ribbon Company?

A Yellow Ribbon Company is a broad, organizationally structured company with national, regional and statewide influence. In addition, a Yellow Ribbon Company needs to contain essential areas including a HR Recruiting and HR Policy and Procedure Department, Training and Development and Community and Employee Outreach and Support Departments. A Yellow Ribbon Company unites all key areas within a company structure to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates these areas throughout the company for the purpose of proactively supporting Servicemembers and military families. Please note that Companies without broad organizational structures to include the above key areas or national, regional and statewide influence should partner with local Yellow Ribbon Communities to make a difference and demonstrate their support to Servicemembers and military families.

If your business is unable to meet the above requirements, please keep reading - you can still offer your support!

Why become a Yellow Ribbon Company?

Since 9/11, thousands of Minnesotans have served our country. By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network within a company, key areas unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments. The outward showing of support enables successful transition into the workplace for Servicemembers and creates support systems for employees affected by military deployments. The company's efforts demonstrate a public business commitment to supporting military employees and local communities resulting in enhancing their public image and building a stronger, more compassionate workplace.

How to become a Yellow Ribbon Company?

To begin, your company starts with a presentation by the Director of Military Outreach, Annette Kuyper. Schedule a meeting by emailing her at:

Each company will partner with a Military Outreach Representative to develop a sustainable Action Plan demonstrating their long-term commitment to Servicemembers and military families. The company will identify and connect leaders in key areas across the company, leverage existing support activities, build awareness throughout the company and take action to support out nation's military.

What if my company doesn't meet the above criteria?

Your business can still support Servicemembers and military families by offering services and/or discounts! To get your offer posted on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon website and shared with the hundreds of folks who visit daily, contact Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Operations/Public Affairs, or click the "Register Your Organization" button, located on the right-hand menu of this page!

If your company is not listed below, that doesn't mean work hasn't begun. Find out how you can connect with a Yellow Ribbon Network near you by contacting your local Family Assistance Center.

Yellow Ribbon Company Key Areas:

  • HR-Recruiting
  • HR-Policy and Procedure
  • Training and Development
  • Community Outreach and Support
  • Company Leadership
  • Employee Outreach and Support
  • Company Yellow Ribbon Steering Committee made up of all areas
  • Yellow Ribbon Steering Committee


More than 300 cities, counties and businesses have been proclaimed Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, recognizing their support of Service members and their families.