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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

​We provide a host of professionals to ensure that Service members and military families can find help for any mental wellness issue they may encounter.

Whether it be prevention, awareness, resilience, intervention or postvention - there are resources available to help you be well.

-  Psychological Health Coordinators - (PHC): The PHC provides crisis intervention and case management services for Service members. The PHC can also assist commanders by providing consultation on the level of risk a Service member is displaying and guidance on a plan of action. Contact a PHC at 651-282-4029. 

-  Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC): Mental health professionals who can offer free and confidential, short-term, solution-focused, non-medical counseling for Service members or family members. MFLCs usually see Service members and military family members over a period of 6-to-12 sessions. They can also provide commanders guidance on the level of risk a Service member is displaying. Contact a MFLC at 612-159-9101

-  Give an Hour: Offering services to parents, siblings, and unmarried partners who are not entitled to receive mental health benefits through the military. Goal is to provide easy access to skilled professionals to military members and their families. The participating mental health professionals offer a wide range of services including individual, marital, and family therapy; substance abuse counseling; treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder; and counseling for individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

Whether it is a young military wife who is anxious because her four-year-old has had nightmares since her husband's deployment or a father who is struggling to cope with his son's loss of a leg as a result of an explosion in Iraq, both will receive the assistance they need to move through their experience. The healthier the support system for our troops, the lower the risk of severe or prolonged dysfunction within these military families. Connect with a Give an Hour provider through their website:

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